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Principal's Report October 2017

This report takes a different format from the usual report which is against the annual plan.  The annual plan has been updated with our outcomes for 2017 and can be seen on the annual plan tab.

Annual Plan in Summary

Special Character: special character leads everything and even more so this year as the core teaching staff have reinforced commitment to special character as the reason for the school.  We have tightened enrolments so that we have more base from which to evangelise.  This has many repercussions.  

The staff very much want our Catholic culture to be the heart of the school.  We feel we have made big inroads this year towards establishing and promoting our core values.

I believe we’re on the right path though and i believe that holding up our special character as a jewel will give it more strength and make it more desirable.  To be a good Catholic school we have to be a great school - we have to have high achievement and engaged and motivated students - because that reflects our core values.  So as a staff we work extra hard to make that happen so we can live John 10:10 “I came to give you life, life in the fullest.”  


Staff are all on the same page with promoting learning intentions and helping the students to provide evidence of their learning.  This provides ownership and motivation to the students.
We have developed systems for managing learning support and at risk learners that mean we are very focused on student achievement and keeping a close track of our learners.
Our students are definitely making progress.
We have developed systemised phonics and spelling learning.


We have investigated ways of promoting and monitoring key competencies.  Our students seem to be lacking key competencies.  Many students are not engaged or motivated to find out more about the world.  Attention spans are short and instant gratification is expected.  This makes it harder but even more important for us to develop learning that matters, that makes a difference and engages in the world around us.  These are our charter goals.


Overall Progress up to end of term 3 2017

Acceleration = children who have made a year or more’s progress already (¾ of year).  
Stuck = children who have made six months or less progress so far

Percentage of all * students accelerating
Percentage of higher achieving students accelerating
Percentage of students struggling to make a year's progress
Compared to less than a year's progress in 2016

*There are some small data gaps as teachers are still getting used to the increased expectation for recording and monitoring.

The major areas of acceleration are in years 1 and 2, in the intermediate department and in year 3 & 4 maths.  These were the areas identified at the end of 2016 as in most need.

Children struggling to make a year’s progress are both high and low achieving children.  Learning plateaus as learning is not a completely linear process ie. it can happen quickly then stop for a while to consolidate before taking off again so there will always be some children not making steady progress at any one time.  However it is worth noting that half  of the children who are struggling to make a year’s progress this year have had more than 10% absence in term 3.

Maths Intervention Plan Year 3 & 4

Focus on raising achievement in identified gaps of place value and fractions

Place Value
Well Below
Well Below

29/34 overall have improved a stage in fractions - 85%
7/34 overall have improved 2 stages in fractions - 21%
22/34 overall have improved a stage in pv - 65%
4/34 overall have improved 2 stages in pv - 12%
1 stage = roughly one year’s progress

The appraisal cycle has been changed to begin and end in term 2 in order to be in sync with the rest of the COL.  The final report incorporating each teacher’s spiral of inquiry will be completed in term 1.
Teacher aide observations and appraisal meetings have been held.
Other support staff appraisal updates are in progress.  
Our provisionally registered teacher has completed her provisional time and been signed off for full registration.
Another teacher has had a support program due to being new to teaching but ineligible for a PRT program.  Our board has funded release and mentoring support for this teacher.  She is also doing very well and has benefitted from the extra input and support.
School Year
The school will have been open for the statutory number of half days.
Proposed start and end dates for 2018 are:
Two TODs before start of term
Start date: Tuesday 30th Jan
Finish Date: Friday 14th December. = 384 half days
Move to accept start and end dates for 2018.

Registrations and Vetting
All teacher registrations and support staff vetting are up to date.
Year 8 Camp Safety

Due to the heart attack of our camp guide we have had to seek another guide.  We are using a guide from Peel Forest Outdoor Adventures.  The cost is $1000.  This will mostly be offset against camp costs.  Instead of taking the bus they will be taking cars.  The food budget is also quite high and so the costs should even out.
Roll: 201. Arrivals - Y2 from Pembroke, 2x NE
Returns - Y2 (Dunedin), Y5 (Christchurch)
Leavers: Y2 - Weston

Term 3 - 2 stand-downs same child (continual disobedience causing dangerous example - now have MoE Learning Support intervention and some positive turn-around), 1 stand-down (gross misconduct - already on MoE Learning Support).


Principal has noted any absences of more than 10%.  Some are one off occurrences e.g. having chickenpox, or follow up to a particular condition and no further followup is required.  We are closely watching medical non-attendance for 23 children who had high medical absence in term 3.

Further attendance actions:

Two families will be having parent meetings to review general progress and achievement.  A discussion about attendance will be part of this meeting.  

Three year 8s with high unjustified and medical absences will not be followed up as they were ski trip participants and this is their final year.

Nine children (five families) have high non-attendance with a mixture of unjustified and medical reasons.  All are ski trip participants.  The non-attendance ranges from 17-40% absence in term 3.  I am not going to follow up as many notices have been put in the newsletter and information explicitly shared already.

BoT has been notified at a Board meeting by end of Term 4:
8.     Payroll provider  has been informed when any staff member  is on leave because of sickness or holiday
9.     That each support staff member moved a step on the Scale or was held because of performance issues
10.   School has an Accident Register that is maintained and checked for Hazards.
11.   The school has an Induction process in place for new staff the following year.
12.   Any Surplus Staffing requirements addressed and MoE notified within MoE stated timeframe.
13.   Fire Evacuation has been carried out this term
14.   Fire extinguishers checked by contractors.
15.   Student absences monitored and followed up (See note)
16.   Received a report on appointment process for any current or pending appointment/s
17.   Salary Increments for teaching staff approved/All teachers Professional Standards met.
18.   Staff Prof. Development progress and outcomes reported (may be reported throughout the year).
19.   Report on Special Needs Register/Gifted and Talented and use of SEG
20.   Board notified of the number of days the school was open during current year
21.   School house is insured (if applicable)
22.   That all Code of Practice requirements related to Fee-paying students are being met
23.   That all SUE reports have been checked for accuracy and signed along with information on current Banked Staffing figures
24.   That consultation with the Maori community has been carried out
25.   Staffing Schedule for following year completed for Payroll by required December date.
26.   Following year’s Draft budget prepared and minuted.
27.   Learning support reports forwarded to the BoT
28.   All Staff Appraisals and documentation completed.
29.   Unit holders reports tabled with BoT
30.   Process for allocating Fixed Term Units for following year completed
31.   Final report to Board by Chairperson on Principal’s Appraisal – Compliance checklist attached to final Report by Chairperson and Copy made for BoT records.
32.   Auditor has been agreed and minuted at a Board meeting
33.   Draft targets for student achievement 2018 are related to the National Curriculum Standards

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