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October 2017
SENCO Report to Board October 2017

In 2017 we employed a new SENCO.  There have also been some significant developments in our SENCO systems.  Some developments have changed the nature and some of the responsibilities of the position.  

The SENCO area is a growing area and a much bigger area than we are resourced to manage.  Consequently adjustments are being made to the clear definition of the SENCO role and the principal remains highly involved in these systems.

What it means for SENCO
Wellbeing Team - in order to proactively manage and have a coordinated approach to all learning and behaviour needs.
Consistency across the school.
For teachers a clear understanding that there is a first point of call team for support.
This is an addition to the SENCO responsibility in the job description.
More connections with people.  Meetings with external providers and family meetings.
Good for communication and keeping people close.  We get good feedback.
A big time and energy commitment.  This is quite big development on the original job description.
Much closer monitoring of student progress by principal - taken back to the Wellbeing Team
Increased staff expectation for precise monitoring.
Quicker to pick up needs and make decisions about emerging needs/trends.
Increased working alongside teachers and meeting with parents in the first instance when we have emerging concerns.
This wasn’t in the initial job description
Systems for close monitoring of all at risk learners.  Systems for documenting and retrieving best practice examples.
High level of teacher accountability for progress and achievement.
Moderation and team support within syndicates to benefit all learners.
Development of staff capacity to use SMART goals effectively - a work in progress.
The learning support monitoring was always the main function of the SENCO role.  But (see above) the SENCO role is developing in other areas.  So the principal will maintain the main responsibility for managing these systems.   This makes sense as progress and achievement is our core business.  But if anything should happen to stop the principal - it would need to be noted that somebody else would have to take responsibility for these systems as a priority.
Overall Learning Support procedure written.
We have clear guidelines to follow.
Makes process clear.
Mindfulness training undertaken
Big impact on year 4 class and some on year 5.  Will continue with this each year for year 4 class.
Above and beyond the SENCO job description.
Systems for managing IEPs and updating high health needs.
Clear processes and proactive interaction with parents.  Focus on SMART goals means we can clearly show student gains in progress.
This is core business for the SENCO.

The above developments have impacted on the SENCO job description with some adjustments informally made over the year, which will become formal when we renew job descriptions in 2018.  The main change is the increased focus on the learning support systems for monitoring students and promoting progress.  This responsibility is mainly being taken by the principal as a trade-off and will remain this way.  The change for the SENCO is a much bigger focus on communication, prevention and a team approach requiring a commitment of time and energy.  The main administrative focus is around maintaining the IEPs.

Our ELL coordinator and Pasifika Coordinator are involved in learner planning and family meetings as required.

All class teachers specifically plan for enrichment within their class activities.  This is mainly accomplished by grouping and by designing learning activities for enrichment groups which will challenge them to go to the next level.  It is also done by designing whole class learning with the potential for deeper and wider exploration.  This approach is particularly suited to literacy extension.

This year we have had three maths enrichment groups operating over two terms.  Senior mathematicians competed in the Aoraki Maths competition in Timaru.  A group of mathematicians took part in the Otago Problem Solving challenge.

We need to develop more cross-curiricula learning opportunities for those children who shine in ways beyond the core curriculum.

Professional Development
The whole staff including support staff did a whole day’s training on Autism.
The DP and SENCO did “defiant or distressed” training.
DP attended health and wellbeing training.
SENCO - Mindfulness facilitator training.
SENCO - year long SENCO course.

  • We have ten children on individual education plans at the moment.
  • Approximately ¼ of the students are being closely monitored.
  • We have 47 children on our enrichment register.
  • We have 4 children with Learning Support (Special Education - education psychologist)
  • Two children have been referred to Community Mental Health for further counselling.
  • We have made two Orana Tamariki (ex CYFS) notifications this year for family violence.
  • We are presently processing two bilingual assessments to assess learning needs in ELLs.
  • Unfortunately this year due to circumstances beyond our control we lost our RTLB teacher.  She was working with five children at the time and was particularly making progress by working closely with the families of four of these children.  Although we have the systems in place at school that are making a difference, the connection of the RTLB with the families has been a sad loss and attempts to re-refer have not been picked up yet.  

Sara Jones-Hogan & Lorraine Frances-Rees, October 2017

September 2017
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August 2017

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June 2017
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